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Country Pine Thistle Post Bed
Bill of Materials & Assembly Sequence

A. (1) Headboard
B. (4) Bed post
C. (2) Side rail
D. (1) Footboard rail (not shown
E. (1) Headboard rail
F. (3) 2" x 1/2" x 1/8" steel channel
G. (6) Steel bed iron
H. (8) 3/8" x 6" long bed bolt
J. (8) 3/8" Square nut
K. (8) Bed bolt hole cover
L. (3) Cafe rod
M (1) Bed wrench (not shown)
Mattress set heights vary from about 16" to 22". Bed irons are available in 2" increments to set the top of your mattress to around 30".
Assembly Sequence

Assemble the headboard first by laying the headboard (A), bedposts (B), and headboard rail (E) on a carpeted floor. The best side of the headboard should be facing up. Loosely fit one side then the other by aligning the rail tennon to the matching mortis in each bedpost and the headboard tennon to each matching mortis. The tennon-to-mortise joints are deliberately loose to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction. Using the bed wrench, tighten this assembly using the 6" bolts and square nuts.

Assemble the footboard next by laying the footboard rail (D), and bedposts (B) with the best side of the footboard rail facing down. Tighten this assembly just like the headboard assembly.

Find someone to help with the final assembly. Tilt the headboard assembly up and bolt the first then the second side rails to the bedposts. Finish up by bolting the footboard assembly to the side rails.

The mattress is supported on 3 steel channels (F) that span between each pair of bed irons (G). Three cafe rods (L) are supplied for your dust ruffle. A cup hook in the center of each rod provides support.